Our custom applications have run the gamut of topics and locations. Here are just a few examples of the types of applications we have provided over the years.
Georgia Power    
  This system holds all of the components that constitute a steam power generating plant. The output of this system is an OSHA approved report listing the steps required to take that component off-line and enable repair work to be performed by the various electricians and mechanics. The safety of these employees depends upon the accuracy of this system and these reports.
Randall Paulson    
  This thriving architectural firm needed a way to track all of their company’s projects, and the various contact information associated with them. We delivered a system that enables three different user levels to gain access to various areas of this information and report on project profiles, progress, and team membership.
Market First    
  This firm, recently named one of Atlanta’s fastest growing firms, has required several projects over the years. Their specialty is direct mail marketing, and many of their clients rely on them to facilitate communication between headquarters and franchise locations. One application gathers questionnaire results and reports, on a quarterly basis, the average scores of other 900 Autocare shops across the country.
Keebler / Kellogg Foods    
  A local plant with over 1000 employees needed an automated system for tracking requests for job changes. The system stores each employee’s request to move to another job, another line, and/or another shift. When a job becomes available, the system matches the requests with the openings based upon a variety of business rules, and notifies the candidate and all affected managers and supervisors via email.
CCM Homes, LLC.    
  This rapidly growing home builder needed a database application to take the place of over 1000 excel spreadsheets loaded with macros and linked formulas that tracked their day to day operations. We made one central file for data storage, and multi-user-level interface for creating and maintaining records of the homes that they build and the vendors that they use for the supplies.
Home Depot Corporate Security    
  We developed an internal web / database application for tracking investigative cases of crimes against The Home Depot. We honor this client's privacy, and cannot divulge any more details about this project.